Age ov Avalon

by Arthurian Shield

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released August 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Arthurian Shield Syracuse, New York

Arthurian Shield releases new album Age ov Avalon!

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Track Name: Age ov Avalon
Lead us into battle Camulot has fallen
Never to rise again all thy men shall be ruled and knighted by thy lady
As I kneel at her thrown her golden white hair flows to the ground snow falls from the sky
May I live within her glory forever
The reign of Avalon has returned again to rule a new age
the full moon rises in the ancient fog
Arthur's corpse was feasted upon by the vultures his body never reached Avalon
As for thy son Mordraut left to rot on the battle field
The sun set on that day never to rise again
Lay down your sword for Queen Guiniviere now rules Camulot on this day the kings were slain and dragged in chains from their thrones and burned at the steak
As your flesh burns in the fire we forget you blasphemous lords of the past you are now gone forever
This is the age of Avalon and never to fall all the kings of the age have failed to bring peace the ancient sword Excalibur rises from the water held by the hand of Nimue the lady of the lake
This is the age of Avalon
Track Name: Death of The Grail Knights
Too many years have gone by you must die for your acts against the goddess
Your attempt to forget her has failed lay down your sword as we will massacre you
As we charge on the unicorns of winter laying siege to your lands your shield will not protect you from her deadly storm
Morgana Le Fay and The Ancient Queen of Frost have returned to destroy those that have deceived them your castle will not withstand the wrath of her blizzard
Unleashing a horrific winter not seen since past kings fall where they stand frostbitten
The flame of Avalon burns high upon the hill The Knights of the Grail will burn
The Grail was sought to save Camulot stolen from the halls of Avalon this chalice never held the blood of Christ only the menstrual blood of The Ancient Queen
closing in you are too cold to fight your blades clash with our ice swords gleaming in battle twilight summon arctic dragons to slay you all with fire your blood stains the snow covered grown this fight will be your last renounce all the lords of the medieval world convert to the power of thy Queen of Frost we lead your souls to the faraway lands of Avalon
Track Name: The Ancient Spell of The Avalon Queen Upon Sir Garethe
Let the rains of Avalon fall let the leaves decay and fall into the darkness of forest I ride wolves howl deep in the mist as i arrive at the twilight of ages lost cold frost forgotten The castle appears before me a glacial palace descending from the night sky of blizzard winds Avalon Queen we know of your powers and we worship you grant me this last wish before I die thy lady holds his dreams within the palm of her hand please beware that when I die so do my spells I am Sir Garethe of the North I have but one dream to be transformed to thy lady Garethia please wield thy final spell on me If I grant you this one wish you must promise me never to take external beauty for granted for it never lasts within time we all grow old and die our bodies will decay and sleep within the earth look into the mirror your former self is gone a beautiful lady stares at you from the reflection the face of her you always wanted to be let me live as Lady Garethia for all eternity as the centuries past the ancient queen began to fade away so did her spell upon Sir Garethe thou has forgotten the secret that I told you long ago beauty is nothing more then an illusion
Track Name: Lady of the Lake